The Newest World between your ears...

I hope to boldly go "where no man has gone before."

These words, by the way, were not uttered by the evil man named Cristoforo Colombo, but by actor William Shatner, at the beginning of virtually every episode of the highly successful Star Trek science fiction TV series:

I found out about the full extent of the evils committed by Columbus relatively late in life, in part because of my Italian descent (every nation has a tendency to idealise their natives and their ways, and Italians are no exception in that), and in part because things haven't really changed much since Columbus' days.

We only think we are less evil when we occupy Iraq; when we impose our capitalist and imperialistic ways on others in 'sovereign' countries; when we ignore the fact that it wasn't the Dutch that slaughtered the Canarsie Indians on Long Island, New York, thereby causing a real genocide, but the Mohawk Indians of Upstate, New York; or when we desire, because it is our turn in human history, to boldly go in any truly new direction, possibly stepping on at least somebody else's toes in the process (especially if they happen to be Wall Street banksters), and in part because all our own old industries and past ways of life have been sold wholesale to people in China and in India, people who are now making a living off the job and career opportunities that were once uniquely the panacea of all Americans, with few exceptions.

So yes, I hope to boldly imitate Columbus, and boldly go where no man has gone before. I'm already doing so, even prior to Columbus Day.

No, I'm not going to imitate his ways entirely.

For starters, my crew has also mutinied against me, just as it happened to Columbus, but my crew mutinied even before we boarded ship! Pesky land lovers! Old fogies used to the security and comfort of their easy chair!

No, I'm not really a nasty and unscrupulous man as Columbus was; I'm not Christian in the way most people today are either, because I think the heretical thought that soon many of us will become legal Gods; and my trip of discovery, if successful, will actually bring me to the Old World, not the New World, and the process will probably create a World even you are not fully aware of, and despite the Internet and instantaneous modern communications.

So go ahead: shoot me for not wanting even less than the economic and social status of the average African-American with a steady job in the government services sector. Shoot me for wanting to also share the gold I will not steal from the Natives, but create out of the thin blue, and rarefied air ... between my ears.

Yes, the Newest World, the one I'm talking about, is right between my ears. Actually, that world is right between your ears too, but you haven't noticed it, since you are busy mostly blaming Columbus for absolutely all the ills of American society, instead of thinking about new ways with which to cure at least some of those ills. And perhaps you have to change country too, just like Columbus did, in order to improve the lot of many more people than yourself, perhaps even millions of people, but that's a little too far from your easy chair, isn't it?

HMRD Cesidio Tallini